One Woman's Response to "You will never get pregnant."

by Angie Stewart Goka May 07, 2016

One Woman's Response to "You will never get pregnant."

Can't think of a more fitting, more inspirational story to share during Mother's Day Weekend. 

Meet Shaya.

She was told by her doctors she could never get pregnant, something that was her lifelong dream.

She was unhealthy, unhappy and knew she needed to do something, but didn't believe in herself and didn't have a plan of action. 

At the prompting of a friend, she tried the Road to Awesome. Even then, she doubted herself, until she learned the key the power of the positive, the power of sweat, the power of greens and the power of a supportive tribe. 

Watch this 1-minute video to see what happened next when she did.

Congratulations Shaya for not only having the courage to start, but in having the determination to keep going even today. Join Shaya and our #Roadster Tribe in the Road to Awesome right now. #yesyoucan #roadtoawesome

Angie Stewart Goka
Angie Stewart Goka


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