The 7 Day Workout That Will Change the World for Animals

by Angie Stewart Goka October 08, 2018

The 7 Day Workout That Will Change the World for Animals

Do we need to workout?

Yes, we need to workout, but not just for the conventional reasons we think. Yes, we need to workout for our health to combat chronic diseases, our fitness to increase our performance, our strength - to be able to lift our children, suitcases, and flip tires when we want, our mobility - to be able to move well, free from pain, and our endurance - our ability to be able to move for extended periods of time.

Yet, we also need to workout to maximize our potential, become our best self, transcend our needs to meet others' needs; bolster our confidence, our productivity and our camaraderie with others.

Simply put, we need to workout to be better human animals

Workout for Animals

With this in mind, let's workout for 7 days together, better ourselves and help others at the same time. Now until November 6th, Election Day, all proceeds from the purchase of the 7 Day Slay will be donated to the Yes on Prop 12 Campaign. This will help us get out the vote and enact the world's highest farm animal welfare law in history. 

Voting Yes on 12 means that you do not support the cruel practice of locking animals in tiny cages on factory farms. This measure would require cage-free housing for mother pigs, baby veal calves and egg-laying hens. It would also ensure that pork, eggs, and veal sold in the state come from operations meeting these modest standards. 

Join me!  

The 7 Day Workout 

What is the 7 Day Slay? It's an effective plan that encourages consistency and your best sweat without intimidation and debilitating soreness. You will get scientifically sound exercise progressions - beginner to pro level, while also getting real life motivation, optimal fuel recipes, and daily reminders why you need to do this. 

Why 7 Days?

Because you are more likely to start. One week. You can do this. 15 minutes a day. Again you owe this to yourself to take care of you. Start with this plan and see where it takes you. Oh the places you will go...

How do I start?

Go to the sign up page and purchase the 7 Day Slay Plan.

When will we start?

Sign up now and begin today. Someone else will be too! When you sign up you will get a confirmation email and another email directing you to the 7 Day Slay group. Join the fun, the motivation and let's build a better body. mind and future for ourselves one sweat at a time. 

What's included in the plan? 

Slay 7 strength training workouts 7 days in row! That's it. The workouts are created by me and come with step by instruction and video for as little as 15 minutes a day. As a bonus get delicious, glow-giving plant based recipes and daily motivation that will give you the answers for getting to your personal best right now.

What's included:

- Daily strength building workouts with written description and video that can be done anywhere

- My popular plant based recipes requested over and over guaranteed to make you feel good

- Daily motivation of how to get out of your own way and slay the day!

- The 7 Day Slay Community Group to help support your every step 

*Check all email folders for the purchased download email and the follow up email giving you access to the exclusive 7 Day Slay Community Group. 

 My Quotable Quote: 

"Working out is now punctuated with taking care of one's self - becoming happier, healthier and more productive to ultimately make a greater positive impact for others. You can find the trend of working out just to look good alongside tanning beds, smoking and drinking cow's milk." 


Angie Stewart Goka
Angie Stewart Goka


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