How to start building a body and life you love

by Angie Stewart Goka March 07, 2017

How to start building a body and life you love

I just love inspirational stories like this one and had to share this with you. 

Meet Dawn. She has been on her Road to Awesome for over 4 years. She is a mother of two boys, wife and full-time speech therapist. A few days ago Dawn posted a video of herself during a crossfit open workout. 
Having never done a "toes to bar" exercise successfully, she attempted it that day during a Crossfit workout that required it.
Her goal was to complete one. 
Instead she completed 31. 
With her husband watching and her Crossfit Crew cheering, she did something pretty darn special. If you have ever attempted or completed "toes to bar" you know what I am talking about. If you haven't, then what are you waiting for...
When I reached out to her to tell her that I was crying with joy watching her video she replied...
"...Your Road to Awesome training showed me that I could consider doing CrossFit. 
It's a fact. Your Fierce 41 workout included 41 burpees which seemed so insurmountable to me on paper but I did it. I had a light bulb moment that maybe I can do it. At that point I decided to "look into it" after the Rock & Roll half marathon and joined a crossfit box in December of that year. 
You just never know what is gonna create that light bulb moment so never stop doing what you do! There are many more of me out there."
That was four years ago!!! She is still going strong and making all kinds of positive change in her life, her husband's life and her two boys lives. Well this is pretty cool in my book. It's full circle inspiration and the kind that reaches inside of your heart and says to each one of us reading this to 'go for it, again and again.' I was really moved. I was inspired. You bet I went and did some toes to bar that day in honor of Dawn and in honor of everyone on the Road to Awesome now and in the past who have strived for bigger and bigger victories! 
Congratulations to you Dawn for never giving up. As I like to say, you aren't trying, you are doing. Well done my friend!
To join us on your own Road to Awesome, check out it on the home page and sign up today. Would love to meet you and help you give witness to your personal best. 

Angie Stewart Goka
Angie Stewart Goka


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