The Bundle + Angie + Small Group Placement
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The Bundle + Angie + Small Group Placement

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Next Available Start Date is                  Monday, May 9th
*Because you get extraordinary, personalized coaching and guidance from Angie, slots are limited to 10 per group. Sign up NOW to save your spot. 


The Get Lean Workouts

The Get Nourished Recipes

The Get Golden Champion Mindset (exclusive to the small group placement)

Get Angie! What other programs lack is real-time guidance from an expert. Angie has over 20 + years of direct field experience working with clients in Los Angeles, the Southeast and online worldwide. Angie has THE gold standard certification as a strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) under the NSCA, the only certification the NCAA recognizes to work with collegiate athletes.

Angie is in your ear, personally responding to your daily exercise questions, struggles and triumphs; giving masterful tips and strategies tailored to YOU as only an expert in their field can.


1 Do the prescribed workout at the time that works best for you and then post in our private group about it. Workouts alternate between strength & cardio with added mobility and a day of rest. Training averages 25 minutes. Beginner to advanced levels available.

2 Make a suggested smoothie as a replacement for one of your regular meals found under your new 42 Nourishing Recipes Download. Drink up Buttercup!

3 Focus on eating at least 5 a day — 3 vegetables and 2 fruits daily. Keep it simple and measurable.

4 Read & practice “The Daily Champion Mindset” that you‘ll receive ONLY in the private group. This is your fuel, your why, your new winning mentality to get the job done. It works if you work it.

5 Share your “BIG 5” in the private group which a short 5-minute post related to your workout, best meal and answer to the QOD —question of the day. This where the magic happens as this is where Angie responds, directs and helps you improve, learn and get results.

Share and engage and you’lI have a stronger than oak team behind you including Angie’s fitness and behavior change expertise guiding your every step. Share not, respond not — and well . . . you miss life and the reason you’re here.


1 count calories

2 ask for a weigh-in or focus on weight

3 pretend that these new habits stop in 4 weeks; it’s a lifestyle, a mindset, a shift and a process that actualizes your potential

4 discourage

5 workout; we TRAIN


Participants typically improve body composition, lose weight (average of 8-10 lbs), drop sizes, increase measurable cardiovascular conditioning, sign up for a 5K or half or full marathon, write the book, drop the daily Coca-cola habit, carry nourishing foods, instill lifelong good habits for their children, decrease medications, improve flexibility, decrease daily back pain, and increase athletic performance.

This program is ideal for women looking to get lean (decrease body fat and increase lean mass) get in optimal shape for pregnancy or post pregnancy, increase fertility viability, improve health outcomes, decrease or eradicate medications, become a noticeably better mother, friend, human, teammate, role model and reach untapped potential and unsung goals.


You'll feel like Angie is standing shoulder to shoulder with you every step of the way - because she is. (See Angie's ABOUT page to learn why & how she started the Road to Awesome & why she'll never give up on you.)


This program is so powerful, your life will never be the same. *Guaranteed.

Get the Value:

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Get Golden Mindset $79.99

Angie’s Individualized Guidance and Small Group Placement $invaluable 

Value over $500 now for only $249.99

*Angie's 30 Day Guarantee - Angie stands 100% behind this program. If your body & life doesn't change for the better, with measurable results and you adhere to the program as directed including group participation, workouts and nourishing foods, then she'll happily refund your money.