You can now personal train with me in-person, via zoom or google-video, individual or small group classes and have effective one-on-one training sessions from anywhere in the world.

ADULT STRENGTH & CONDITIONING – training that’s suitable for weight loss, strength, improved athletic performance, lean body, shredding, endurance, mobility and pain-free living 

KIDS STRENGTH & CONDITIONING — give your kids the edge by having them learn the proper mechanics of landing, jumping, accelerating, movement efficiency for performing faster, stronger and higher in any sport. Ask Angie about her upcoming schedule of camps and clinics for student athletes. *One on one training is also available for kids. 

BEFORE THE BUMP – preparing your body for your miraculous feat of carrying and delivering a healthy baby 

PRE AND POSTNATAL – strength and mobility training during each trimester and after the baby

YOGA – training for mobility, mental prowess and flexibility pertinent to particular sports or life while calming the mind

Next, fill out the appropriate health form A. Adult health & informed consent or B. Child’s health and informed consent