Meet Beanie & Puff

Beanie's Story


Beanie is our latest rescue, an approximate 2-year old guinea pig. He came to us after being surrendered to LA Animal Services, with overgrown 6 inch nails and a penchant for hiding. 

We knew nothing about Guinea Pigs, but knew we wanted to help him. So we did. So we learned. Now, I’ll start to tell you his story, through his eyes and our hearts through his funny videos, photos and influential vegetable eating that will have you reaching for more greens. 

Puffy's Story

Puffy is our 12-year old rescued Maltese-Shih-Tzu. He is known by Puff, Puff Daddy and Puffer Ruffers and is the fluffiest part of my heart. 

He is the poster child of “adopt don't shop.” He came from a puppy mill in Missouri, was passed over in a pet store, later rescued by a lady named Helen Martin who placed her rescue on PetFinder where I found his picture and information and adopted him. 

In Puffy’s older age, he is less amused by new creatures in our home. Beanie might as well be invisible to Puff as Puffy would rather ignore him while Beanie wants to play! Tune in for tales of Puff, Beanie and our whole crew of healthy family fun.