Training with Angie has been the best decision of my life. She not only changed my life she revamped my body and overall fitness attitude. During my pregnancy I would say, Angie what if my body doesn’t go back, what if I can’t lose the weight...her response was always “Don’t worry about it. That’s my job.” Just as she said, she delivered on her promise. Angie started training me after my second child was born and although I was in “shape” I wasn’t at my potential and my core was weak. She gradually worked with me to get me feeling like a warrior inside and out. My core has never been stronger and as a result my body is thriving.

Before Angie I would work out and eat healthy but Angie helped me take my potential to another level and get phenomenal results. She strengthened my body in a way I didn’t know was possible. Working out in person she was able to adapt to what I needed at that point whether it was a recent surgery, an injury, being pregnant, or a desire for more strength.

During my third pregnancy I worked with Angie via zoom (because Covid had hit) and it was wonderful. The flexibility was there and she did not disappoint. Her workouts continued to be amazing. She was gentle and knew exactly what to do and what not to do in my pregnancy and I felt safe and in good hands with her. After the birth of my third child I was amazed at how fast my body snapped back. It snapped back faster then after any of my other births. Despite not using my core for awhile it was still there, my stomach wasn’t saggy and flabby and my body zipped right back up after a few beats.

- Meagan

Angie is pure positive energy, is so inspiring and always so supportive – the light in the darkness! She has inspired me to join my family to move more with her workouts and makes eating healthy easier with her delicious plant-based recipes. Her chickpea curry & plant-based mac n’ cheese is a big hit in my house! She made homemade almond milk look so easy, I gave it a go and now I make it at home all the time. My 9-year old daughter and I loved testing out her pilot kids fitness program and can’t wait for the world to see it.

- Catherine

I began training with Angie after I had my second child. She provides and holds a motivational, inspirational, no excuses space for me. Not only have a lost weight, I am the leanest I have ever been.  Her support, guidance and expertise have given me the tools to take flight and feel unstoppable whether I’m training with her, mountain biking the canyon’s path or as I take the mat in jujitsu. If you have the opportunity to train with her in any way, do it!

- Jamal

To say that Angie has transformed my life would be an understatement. She has lifted me up emotionally, mentally and physically for close to 10 years. I’m so grateful to have her in my life and thankful to call her a friend.

I met Angie over 8 years ago when I was pregnant with my first child. Since that time she has helped me successfully lose +160 lbs (80 lbs gained with each child),navigate my fitness goals around regular international travel & work, and generally keep my mindset glowing and growing through both in person training and online training. She has been a rock in my life when I have needed a friend the most and is one of the kindest, generous and thoughtful people I know.

- Danielle 

Angie’s Road to Awesome online program made me answer the question ‘what would scare yet delight me the most once accomplished?’ The answer led me from California to New York and now to London Drama School to pursue my dream. Angie is that little voice inside my head that says, & you can do it, & and & why not me.’ I still think of Angie almost every time I run and what she taught me in that ‘what you practice is what you become.’ I’ve taken all these practices and lessons to write and perform in my own solo show called Dangerous Giant Animals in London, and am only just beginning!

- Christina

“Hey this is Mattea, I watched the kids fitness video from my mom’s phone and I completely love it! I think it’s an awesome idea of everything you included in the video especially the carioca going around the cones. You and Colton did a great job on the exercises and breaks. I totally love and I think others will too.

– Mattea, age 9

 Due to lifelong health issues, doctors told me I would not be able to get pregnant, much less carry a child to birth. Because of the Road to Awesome I started to believe I could and I DID! Not a day goes by that I am not grateful for this "way of life" and my amazing healthy baby boy. Since the birth of my son, and staying on The Awesome Road, I have not only lost the baby weight, but healthfully lost an additional 42 pounds. I believe with the tools and training RTA teaches you, there is NOTHING you cannot do. 

- Shaya


My dream has come true. I wanted to become pregnant and wasn't sure if at age 42 it would happen for me. Angie confidently revealed that with the help of the Road to Awesome, other women had my same wish and had a healthy baby. I signed up, followed every recipe, every workout and every positive word that spewed from her being. Happy to report, PREGNANT and even happier to report, gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Cannot say thank you enough Angie for this awesome road! Looking forward to continuing post baby and clearance for exercise. 

- Nicole

When I realized that I lost my consistency with my workouts I connected with Angie's 30 Day Plan to recalibrate and get back on track. In just 4 weeks my broken plan was fixed with the tools needed for consistent training and intuitive eating. With the Road to Awesome's guidance, I pushed myself physically; it was such a cool feeling to break through. For over two decades I have worked as a fitness professional. My personal clients and students range from the mom and dad next door to teaching and training celebrity “stars” in LA. Even with this list of accomplishments, I was that overworked and stressed person that still has personal goals that I want to reach, just like everyone else. From the moment I started to work with Angie she set the tone and created a structured plan that was motivation based and consisted of nutrition guidance and a specific daily training schedule. Angie inspired me to move every day which I loved.  What was important for me was to deliver what she asked me to do, even on the days where I felt like I needed a break. Angie walks the walk and will genuinely guide you with her knowledge and experience. Angie’s commitment to her own healthy and fit life made it easy for me to be accountable and responsible. 

- Dana

I had my blood work redone. My total cholesterol dropped 70 points. My doctor was so impressed with my clean, lean and green lifestyle – no statin drugs needed. Working with Angie's Road to Awesome helped me realize that I don't have to be perfect, I just have to get it done!  The plant-based meal plans challenged me to eat out of my comfort zone, and it was such a success we continue to incorporate more and more vegan choices into our diet. The Road to Awesome is the perfect balance of inspiration, perspiration and strong motivation. I am not an athlete, but I am the most fit and well-fed that I have been in 40 years. This road even led me to join a Crossfit class recently and guess what…I loved it. This is something I would have never even have tried if it were not for this awesome journey.

- Alison

Because of the Road to Awesome I just passed my instructor certification in Krav Maga, something I would have never done before getting on this journey! Angie helped me regain confidence in myself and continues to challenge me to tap into the strength that was already there within me. Now as an instructor, this is what I want to do for my students – ignite their strength that they already have.

When I felt fear because of a setback or an obstacle, I reached back to those early steps on the Road to Awesome, when I was at my lowest, dealing with headaches, having breathing challenges, yet putting one foot in front of the other and even running back and forth front of my house for a mile or even 2 miles at 11 pm. The Road taught me to get back up and go for it and now I will use that to inspire others too.

- Deidre

Before Angie’s Road to Awesome, my poor health contributed to not being successful with a second pregnancy. Once I got on her plan, I was able to not only drop dress sizes, set a personal record in running, but ultimately, was able to get pregnant again and have a healthy baby boy. 

- Nena

Working with Angie is some of the best money I have ever spent on myself.  Not only have I learned some very healthy habits, but I have also learned some positive mental habits. For me, knowing that I can 'start over' any day is huge.  The Road to Awesome forces you to hold yourself accountable, but with the safety net of a group who are going through the same struggles. We all struggle at different times so when one person is falling down there is someone else who is soaring to boost the struggling person up. The Road to Awesome truly brings out the best in each person. I even have my Road to Awesome Philosophy pinned to my bulletin board in my office.  Don't misunderstand - I am NOT the poster child for perfection but perhaps the poster child for believing and not giving up. I will work with Angie in some capacity forever.  She's as good as they get. 

- Robyn

Before I signed up with the Road to Awesome, I was not a “runner.” But after completing the 30-Day and then to sticking with the plan my running took off – first a mile, then a 5K, then a 10K and then a year later my first half-marathon! I know that I could not have done any of this without Angie's expert plans, her challenging workouts, delicious recipes, honest advice and positive encouragement. The Road to Awesome can help anyone at any fitness level meet their personal fitness goals. It did for me!  I wasn't feeling my best self, and not only did I improve my fitness level but more importantly I gained the tools to continue what I started.  I set goals and with the help of this Road to Awesome exceeded them.

- Katie

As a 7-year breast cancer survivor, I had struggled with returning to my pre-cancer weight and overall health. What an eye-opener this Road to Awesome has been for me. I not only lost weight but also became healthier in all aspects of life. I am much more mindful of eating nutritious, cancer-fighting and cancer-preventing healthy foods that fuel my body, and I now enjoy numerous delicious plant-based dishes. I have learned to live and thrive by stepping out of my comfort zone. Angie has taught me all of this by being my biggest cheerleader, encourager and, only when needed, offering gentle tough love. She is a wealth of healthy knowledge and truly one of a kind. I was sold on Angie during my steps with her and have never looked back.

- Susie

The Road to Awesome was not only simple to execute, but it was challenging enough to keep my attention. Angie's upbeat attitude and make-no-excuses mantra were not only ways of thinking, but actual ways of living.

I was in a fitness drought. I was in an unfamiliar and uncomfortable place, as I had always been able to self-motivate in the past, but a demanding work schedule was taking up all my time leaving me drained at the end of each long day. That's when I decided to sign up with the Road to Awesome. This plan inspired to me to get back to my old self, one day at a time. I especially appreciated the accountability of the program and the fact that I could enjoy my workout anytime, anywhere during the day and that all of the workouts are scalable from beginner to pro. As a former athlete and fitness enthusiast, I would recommend jumping on the Awesome Road not only to get you back in the saddle, but for the long haul


- Tara