ASF Kids

Who: Kids 6-18 looking to improve health, skill and performance-related components of fitness

What: Weekly conditioning sessions with movement patterns incorporating these must-have training elements:

✰ Mobility

✰ Balance & Coordination

✰ Speed, Agility & Power

✰ Strength & Core

✰ Endurance & Conditioning

✰ Flexibility

When: Sessions performed twice a week on non-consecutive days on your preferred days and time.

Where: Outdoor area, front yard, backyard or driveway, park, or indoor area that has at least 10 x 10 yards worth of space. If you don’t have space, the exercises can be modified to a stationary position. For example, “high skips” or “toy soldiers” can be done while moving in place as opposed to doing it while moving 10 yards down and back. 

How: Age Appropriate Sessions can completed individually or while being guided by a parent/guardian and following along video, images and cues on the easy to follow instructional handout. 

Duration: Each session is approximately 15-25 minutes depending on the child’s skill level, focus and number of times they complete the cycle of drills and movement patterns.

Equipment needed:

✰ Cones

✰ Mat, towel or just grass

✰ Measuring tape or use ~ 12 steps or strides to measure 10 yards

✰ Agility Ladder or homemade chalk drawn one (we show you how!)

Why: To be better than yesterday, to get stronger, faster, and feel powerful & confident in your own skin