What is the Road to Awesome?

The Road to Awesome is LIFE-CHANGING FITNESS MADE SIMPLE in a 4 to 8 week format and ultimately the unyielding path to your best self. The road is full of unprecedented support, expert guidance and riveting fun with step-by-step navigation to workouts, meal plans and motivation. Simply put, RTA is where you become who you came here to be


Why do I need to be “on the Road to Awesome"?

Because that is who you are – Awesome! However, unexpected things in life happen where you get sidetracked, discouraged and forget what your plans and dreams are. Maybe you…never went back to school, moved, got married, stopping working out, had children, started working in a job you don’t like, got injured, changed careers…and…well…before you know it – you don’t know who you are, how you got here or why you are here.

The Road to Awesome puts you back on the path. You will be waking each day with excitement and enthusiasm. You will be going for goals that you tucked away as impossible or that you labeled as “too late,” and this time, you will succeed. 


What makes the Road to Awesome unique? Why is your plan different from all the others?

Because it embodies the three vital elements you need to succeed in fitness and in life – effective workouts, nourishing meal plans and proven motivation to harness the power of the positive. Because it is led by a certified, experienced and caring expert, a real life person – not a computerized plan – who engages with you and has dedicated her life to this calling – who has and is walking this walk with you and has led thousands like you to success.


I’m a beginner. Do you have something for me?

Yes, we do! The plans have beginner, rookie and pro options and progresses each week as you progress.


I’m an elite runner. Do you have something for me?

Yes! The workouts, meal plans and motivation system have been created, tested and proven to improve your results whether you are a beginner or elite athlete. It is an expertly crafted plan that gives you the extra edge no matter what level you are. The secret is in the daily plan, consistency and in doing things smarter to get a different result.


I am not a runner. Will I still be able to do your 30 Day Plan and get good results?

Yes! If you can crawl or walk then you can excel and exceed your wildest expectations. The workouts are tailored to your level. If you never run on this plan, that’s ok. You will still thrive. On the other hand, I’ve had hundreds of people tell me, “I am not a runner,” who then become runners on the plan because they want to do it, and even go on to inspire their family members and friends to start running. I’ve also had those who were injured and could not run during the plan, but were able to do the game-changing warm ups, strength training and mobility training, who then got back on the road faster and better.


What type of workouts do you provide?

I include special warm ups and use a weekly system of cardio, strength training and yoga/stretching. I specialize in all of these vital areas and have found this combination to be the backbone of fitness, mobility and training progression. The workouts are 30 minutes of strategic, never boring, challenging but doable moves. I use humor, my own video demonstrations and positive motivation to guide you through all of it. 


What kind of foods do you suggest in your plans? What if I am allergic?

All of the foods we suggest in the plans are whole food plant-based, simple to make, gorgeous, nourishing and delectable.

We say if you want things to be different, then you have to do things differently. What better way to start this process than by cleaning up your plate and adding more vegetables, fruits, greens, beans, nuts and whole grains to your daily eating plan that will give you the most bang for your nutritional buck. If you have food allergies, make the substitutions that you normally make and get my many options that will leave you satisfied, healthy and happy.

I need to lose to 40 pounds. Will I do that on the Road to Awesome?

It happens, so yes! This type of weight loss did not happen in one month, but over several months. This is why we added the Private RTA Community component so that you can connect with others traveling this same path and then continue to draw support from these interactions even after your plan is completed.