It's been really great for me as a mom because Angie has shown me that I don't need to leave my house to get in an awesome workout. Baby naps, I get my sweat on outside on the porch! No excuses. Although I am a fitness and health food junkie myself, I turned to Angie because of her approachable personality, kind heart and fierce determination. I wanted to be physically pushed in a supportive environment with tough love and that's exactly what I received.  Her coaching is unmatchable. I've been working with Angie online now for almost 3 years. I don't see it stopping anytime soon. Angie is awesome! She's been "next" to me through some of my biggest life transitions including getting engaged, married, pregnancy and now as a new mama. Angie's support, friendship and encouragement is rare - I honestly have never found anyone as great at what they do as Angie. 


I’m down 40 pounds since starting on the Road to Awesome. Despite lots of travel and a hectic schedule, I was inspired to meet and then exceed my goals: weight loss, my fastest mile run, getting in 20 minutes of sweat here and there during the day. Feeling great along the way – I now feel in control of my health, fitness and overall awesome life. I even learned that by taking dairy out of my diet, it greatly improved my asthma. Eureka! I learned how to easily pack foods for my busy work schedule – sometimes packing enough food for three days at a time and it works. I’m having so much fun learning to cook in a new way. I made Angie’s plant based mac n’ cheese yesterday with cashews and it was amazing! 


Angie is a new breed of fitness coach. As a long-time runner I recently found myself struggling to find the motivation to train.  That was until I got on the Road to Awesome plan.  This provided me a complete "no think" fitness and nutrition plan, and more importantly a host of life strategies to help me find room in my life for me. The Road to Awesome inspires, encourages, and made me dig deeper than I ever thought I could. After just 30 days working with Angie, I have become stronger both physical and mentally, and stirred to chase my goal of transitioning to the ultra-running world to complete my first 50-mile race and more. 


The Road to Awesome was not only simple to execute, but it was challenging enough to keep my attention. Angie's upbeat attitude and make-no-excuses mantra were not only ways of thinking, but actual ways of living. 
I was in a fitness drought. I was in an unfamiliar and uncomfortable place, as I had always been able to self-motivate in the past, but a demanding work schedule was taking up all my time leaving me drained at the end of each long day. That's when I decided to sign up with the Road to Awesome. This plan inspired to me to get back to my old self, one day at a time. I especially appreciated the accountability of the program and the fact that I could enjoy my workout anytime, anywhere during the day and that all of the workouts are scalable from beginner to pro. As a former athlete and fitness enthusiast, I would recommend jumping on the Awesome Road not only to get you back in the saddle, but for the long haul