3 Things Mom Needs Now

by Angie Stewart Goka May 08, 2016

3 Things Mom Needs Now

A message for all you moms out there. 

You are doing great. 
Everything you worry about today
will be ok tomorrow or in near, good time.

I feel you on the daily challenges and on the daily love.

Keep your head up and know that we here at Angie Stewart Fitness get you and hear you.

Does this any of this sound familiar? 

You need more time for you. Heck, you need more time to brush your hair, eat something aside from fast food and pick up that dry-cleaning you dropped off 3 months ago.

You need to feel appreciated. 'Mom can you find _________?' 'Mom, can you help me draw ______________ and then cut it out and put it on me like a costume.' Mom, can you make me _______________?'

    Some days you need to ROAR. Like the time you shattered the full glass bottle of prune juice on the kitchen floor just before you needed to drop off the classroom snack that you forgot all about...

    Some days you need to meow. Like the time you dropped your child off at school in your pj's and didn't feel the need to apologize to anyone.

    Your only designated time for yourself is at the end of the day when the kids are in bed and then yipppppeeeee, you find that you no matter how hard you try to bask in it, you just fall asleep anyway...

    You fall asleep on the couch, in the dentist chair, at the movies or anywhere that you sit for more than 2 minutes because you are just soooooooooooo darn tired.

    You need less multitasking AKA - you want to go to the bathroom alone and not with the entire cast of transformers and projects that require paint, glue and definitely not glitter. 

      We here at Angie Stewart Fitness cannot fix every sticky, messy, often funny not funny kid-laden situation, but we can:

      1. Give you more time for you
      2. Put more money in your pocket 
      3. Get you feeling and looking better

        So Supermoms, enjoy a 20% discount on our Road to Awesome 30 Day Jumpstart (offer expires on Monday.) Use HAPPYMOTHERSDAY promo code at checkout.



        ANGIE (Grateful mother of 2!)

        Angie Stewart Goka
        Angie Stewart Goka


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