The Kids Fitness Program that Every Parent Needs to See

Raising Fit Kids

It’s high-time we have a kids fitness program that answers the unique needs of both a kid’s body and mind – is fun, engaging and exposes all the necessary training elements for long-term health, well-being and improved athletic markers for all children and adolescents. 

Well . . . it’s here. Or shall we say #comingsoon as it's being field tested at the moment. You can join the waitlist to be the first to hear when it's available, but for now I can give you the overview.

Introducing, ASF Kids.

ASF Kids - bodies were made to move™ is the solution to a multitude of problems when it comes to kids and their health & fitness, but let’s just boil it down to three:

  1. kids aren’t moving enough (“I don’t know what to do.” - parents)
  2. kids aren’t learning nor developing proper fundamental movement skills & patterns (“how do I teach this?” - parents)
  3. kids don’t want to move (“I can’t get my kid off the screen.” – every parent everywhere)

Through weekly guided training sessions with images, video and a nifty guardian/parent-guide, this engaging science-backed program answers all of this and more by A. providing a structured, progressive plan that gets kids up & moving B. teaching kids proper movement skills that will improve their performance on & off the field + later in life C. inspiring kids to want to move by making it fun.

This program is artfully crafted by Angie, (oh wait, that’s me!) a passionate master trainer, and certified strength and conditioning coach who has been working with youth & exercise for over three decades. The sessions focus on key training elements (below), can be completed in most any space, taking a short amount time – yet giving tremendous lasting benefits.


Balance & Coordination

Speed, Agility & Power

Strength & Core

Endurance & Conditioning


We cannot wait to share this vital program with you and your family. If you are interested please join the “I can’t wait list” and visit the description under the Homepage, Online Programs > ASF Kids > if you would like to learn more. 


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