5 Ingredient 5 Minute Roasted Rainbow Soup

Last night, I roasted some vegetables and made some organic white quinoa for dinner. It was actually Taco Tuesday at my house, but I decided to add a roasted vegetable salad inspired by Minimalist Baker to it as well. With my son eating an entire avocado and a bowl of strawberries prior to his meatless meat tacos and his quinoa on the side, we had plenty of leftovers. Seems the hearty salad with all of those crispy vegetables was enough to fill us all, even my too-often-ravenous husband. 

This morning instead of oatmeal or almond butter toast, I opted for making this piping bowl of warmth and colorful goodness. Turns out it was just what the plant-based doctor ordered! It was so delicious, so easy and so quick. It hit the spot, especially for an unusually chilly morning here in Los Angeles.

Thought you would enjoy this too. Go ahead and give it a go!





1/2 box of Pacific brand organic cashew carrot ginger soup

1 cup of organic white quinoa cooked

1 cup of roasted sweet potatoes

1/2 cup of diced tomatoes

1 large handful of kale, torn in small bits


Pour into medium sized pot, stir, warm and serve. Double the recipe for double the goodness. 




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