Why You Can; Your Top 5 Excuses Debunked

by Angie Stewart Goka April 09, 2017

Why You Can; Your Top 5 Excuses Debunked

The world will tell you why you can’t and we have come to believe it. My friends, it is quite the opposite. What you possess inside of you is bigger than any perceived obstacle in your way. It’s never too late and you are never too busy to live the life you were created to live, and you can start right now. 

Do any of these “excuses” for not living your awesome life sound familiar?

1. I think it is too late (do you plan on expiring first?) Time will pass either way. Better for you to go for it then not at all. I thought the same thing, but decided to jump back on that track again and surprisingly became So Cal's USATF masters age 41-44 1500 meter champ. What?!? Yep. Best. Decision. Ever.

2. I’m too busy with work and with life in general (too busy to make your dreams happen…really?…why are you working again?) Stop the madness. Take the time. Take a trip even if it's for a day. Do something out of the ordinary and create a memory, an experience. If you do not have time now, when will you?

3. I’m too old or too injured (too old for what? To leave things behind that you wished you had done last year next year. What's old anyway and what does that mean exactly? Too injured? The question is what can you do to start the healing process?) Most people I find get used to their injuries without taking the little amounts of time to help it heal. "Oh that's my bad leg," they say. The body is miraculous and will respond to proper protocols - some very simple that I teach everyday - to gain more mobility and flexibility and help your body function optimally.

4. The kids need me so I can’t. (yes they do – they need you to be happy, healthy and there for them in EVERY way, not just half heartedly walking around like the living dead.) Your kids want to see YOU happy. Did you know that it makes them full of joy to see you live with joy? Did you know that you being motivated to live your dreams and accomplish your goals motivates and inspires them to live and want to accomplish their dreams and goals too?

5. I don’t know where to start. (start by doing. Figure out the first step toward your goal and take it.) Figure out the second step and take it. Everything is figure-out-able!

Jump in the water today. Ask yourself if the reasons you are choosing NOT to do something holds water. Actually say your reasons out loud or tell your best friend. See what happens next. When we examine this closely we too often find the reasons holding us back are not even true. Ask yourself what is the best thing that will happen if I jump. Picture it, feel it and let no one or no thing stand in your way…not even YOU.

Don't want to ask for help or can't find the steps? Then simply join the Road to Awesome 30 Day or 60 Day or even the 7 Day Slay to get you going. These plans will be your blueprint to your personal best and I guarantee, will be worth the trip. xoxo

Angie Stewart Goka
Angie Stewart Goka


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